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    M A I N
    Manufacturing and Industrial Installation
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    Industrial Installation and Assembly
    Conveyor Systems
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    Mechanical Maintenance
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    Integrated Industrial Projects
    Engineering, Design, Relocation
    Manufacturing and Supply
MAIN Manufactura Instalación Montaje y Mantenimiento Industrial en Puebla y Tlaxcala http://main-pue.com/images/logo.png MAIN Manufactura Instalación y Montaje Industrial

Specialized Industrial Services

Instalaciones y Montaje Industrial

Industrial Installation and Assembly

We got trained staff for receipt, transfer and industrial assembly equipment.

Mantenimiento Mecánico Industrial

Mechanical Maintenance

We provide preventive and corrective maintenance of industrial equipment, workstations and keeping production lines operating optimally.

Manufactura y Suministro Industrial

Manufacturing and Supply

Manufacture and supply of components for conveyor systems (guards, handrails, platforms, etc.). We attached to the requirements and demands of our customers or project developing it.

Reubicacion de lineas de producción


We take care to transfer, relocate and the installation of industrial equipment and production lines, workstations, cabinets, ovens, conveyors, elevators and / or all types of heavy machinery.

Developed Proyects

Here are some projects we participate

Industrial Installation and Assembly

We are a company with extensive experience on the industrial facility field, offering services as Installation, Maintenance Mechanic, relocation of production lines.


Industrial Engineer

Development of industrial projects, engineering and reengineering to the mechanical area. We develop projects that will optimize their production processes in time and movements.


Industrial Design

Design and restructuring of facilities to improve their times and movements in production lines or workstations and production processes.


Plans Supply

Our staff is able to perform the reengineering of your facilities, providing updated its facilities (Layout) or electrical, pneumatic, hydraulic, air conditioning or transportation systems and production lines planes.



We have the necessary tools and equipment to perform the installation work, re placement, maintenance, manufacturing. Which we offer.


Quality Policy.

On MAIN the quality policy is to do all the work according to the specifications given by the customer, since most of our jobs are performed in the same facilities. Always clinging to systems or current quality standards.

Security Politics.

For Us is very important to ensure the safety of our staff and facilities which are laboring, clinging to rules and security systems existing in the company.